Sokoto State governor assents to hisbah law, calls for peaceful co-existence among Nigerians

February 23, 2021

Sokoto state Governor Aminu Tambuwal has called on Nigerians to live in peace with one another irrespective of their belief, tribe, religion and regions. He stated this in Sokoto while assenting to the state’s Hisbah law passed by the State House of Assembly last Thursday. The concept of Hisbah in Islam originates from a set of Quranic verses and Hadith. It is an obligation placed on every Muslim to call for what is good or right and to prevent or denounce what is bad or wrong. Tambuwal said that the state’s Hisbah is not in conflict with the Nigerian constitution, but an establishment to complement and work in collaboration with the nation’s security forces.

He said the Hisbah in Sokoto is neither state police nor shariah police, but a community policing mechanism put in place to support the security forces through the provisions of intelligence and other support services and not to discriminate against adherent of other faith. Tambuwal emphasized the need to accommodate one another while urging citizens to be law-abiding and respect the norms and traditions of their host communities as they engage in their lawful businesses.

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